Families of Slain Telecom Workers Demand Justice


The funeral of four slain workers of a telecommunications company was held Sunday in western city of Herat, leaving dozens of attendees calling for justice.

Family members of the victims broke down in tears at the ceremony and called on the government to bring the culprits to justice.

The bodies of the four workers of Etisalat-Afghanistan were found Thursday afternoon in Herat – a week after unknown gunmen abducted them from one of their working sites in Guzara district.

Herat police officials, meanwhile, reported that a number of suspects have been arrested in connection to the incident.

“We have arrested four [suspects] and they are under interrogation,” Police Chief of Herat Gen. Abdul Majid Rozi said. “We have identified the group that kidnapped them. Our intelligence groups are trying to find them.”

The relatives of the victims, however, urged the police to arrest the real elements who planned the kidnappings and killings.

“The arrest of these four people should not mean to keep us calm. We want them [police] to arrest the real perpetrators,” one of the relatives of the victims said.

According to the relatives, the kidnappers had asked for a huge ransom and that they were unable to pay.

The incident occurred after a few months of calm in Herat. Kidnapping incidents had sharply increased at one stage but dropped after a reshuffle in the provincial government.

President Ashraf Ghani, only about three months after he took the power, dismissed the governor of Herat, the Police Chief, a number of district governors and police commanders due to the high level of crime and kidnapping in the western province.

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