Family of Hit-and-Run Victim Calls For Justice


Farzad, 18, was on his way to the shops when a car, allegedly part of a convoy of President Ashraf Ghani’s delegation, collided with his bicycle, killing him instantly.

His distraught family have called for justice.

The Herat governor has confirmed that an employee from the presidential guard was in the car when it hit Farzad. Some sources have said a government minister was also in the car.

But instead of stopping and taking the boy to hospital, the culprits allegedly continued on to the airport.

“They were the delegation who came here for Salma Dam ceremony; they were on their way, those weren’t with the president, but they were from different ministries who were on their way to the airport to take their seats before the president arrived; the driver belongs to the guards of the presidential palace,” Herat Governor Mohammad Asif Rahimi said.

“I don’t know how I lost my son, I still wait for him to return from shopping,” said the victim’s mother.

“They are very brutal and don’t care about lives,” Barzad’s father Bismillah said.

Farzad’s family are now seeking justice and the prosecution of those who killed their son.

Meanwhile the presidential palace has rejected claims it was one of their drivers or vehicle but has vowed to find those responsible for killing the boy.

“The president and his delegation had already flown to Band-e-Salma before the incident and they returned in helicopters directly to the airport, so they did not use the cars, however the presidential palace expressed sadness after hearing of the tragic event,” deputy presidential spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi said.

Farzad’s family said they were in the process of preparing his engagement, but now their dreams have been shattered.

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