FARAKHABAR: 4th g7+ Ministerial Meeting Held in Kabul


Addressing delegates at the 4th g7+ Ministerial meeting in Kabul on Wednesday President Ashraf Ghani stressed the need for transparency in government in conflict-affected countries.

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He said the lack of a real fight against corruption was one of the main reasons for a lack of progress.

Referring to Afghanistan, he said so far corruption had been only identified; however, it has not been tackled as yet.

Representatives of 20-member nations of the g7+ described insecurity and political crises as reasons behind their economic downturns. They called for increased investment, building of infrastructure, and prevention of conflict.

In this episode of FaraKhabar, host Fawad Aman discusses the topic with Khairullah Azad, deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Suhrab Bahman, economic analyst.


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