FARAKHABAR: 50,000 Govt Positions Vacant


Thousands of government positions are vacant; however, no efforts are seemingly being made to fill them with competent people.

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Sources told TOLOnews that the number of vacant positions is around 50,000 and for unknown reasons the government is not calling for the posts to be filled.

But officials at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled (MoLSAMD) said that they have made efforts to find out the number of vacant positions in government organizations. They added that other organizations are reluctant to cooperate in this regard.

“The average number of members of one family in Afghanistan is 7.5 people. If there are 10,000 vacant positions, or tens of thousands of positions, then one person [if employed] can support seven other people,” said Ali Eftekhari, spokesman for the MoLSAMD.

What is going on behind government’s closed doors?

In this episode of Farakhabar, host Yama Siavash discusses the topic with the following guests:
Sediq Patman, a member of the New National Front of Afghanistan
Samiullah Samim, MP


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