FARAKHABAR: Al-Qaeda, Taliban Allegiance Allows U.S to Extend Attacks on Militants


Afghanistan’s National Security Council (NSC) on Sunday announced that al-Qaeda’s move to extend allegiance to the Afghan Taliban reiterates the network’s commitments to the Taliban.

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Referring to the implications of the ties between the Taliban and al-Qaeda, military commentators have said that the new partnership between the two militant groups will give the foreign forces in Afghanistan a free hand to extend their attacks on al-Qaeda operatives and the Taliban in the country, something Afghan officials have frequently asked foreign troops to do in order to back the embattled security forces.

The statement comes a day after al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, in an online audio message, pledged allegiance to the new chief of the Afghan Taliban Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, who was appointed as new leader of the group last month after a US drone strike killed his predecessor Mullah Akhatar Mansour inside Pakistan.

In his message, Zawahiri, said that his predecessor and former leader of al-Qaeda Network Osama Bin Laden had also announced his support to the Taliban and he is extending his allegiance to the Taliban within the same spirit.

In this episode of FaraKhabar, host Fawad Aman discusses the topic with Fazlullah Wahidi, former governor of Herat and Jawid Kohistani, military analyst.


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