FARAKHABAR: Critics Push Ghani To Start Implementing His Promises


Political commentators on Saturday said that Afghanistan is changing under President Ashraf Ghani, arguing that he has failed to deliver on campaign promises he made to the nation during elections.

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They termed the president’s economic, security and peace policies as awful, calling for more robust and practical steps be taken to tackle national challenges.

These statements come as the nation grapples with severe insecurity, an economic recession, inflation, unemployment and illegal migration.

Critics say that Ghani has been very weak in terms of governance and that he spends too much time at unnecessary public events – which, they say, as president, he does not need to attend. Critics have said he should instead spend more time in his office attending to issues of critical importance.

In this episode of FaraKhabar, host Fawad Aman discusses the topic with Shahussain Murtazawi, deputy spokesman for President and Nahid Farid, MP.


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