FARAKHABAR: NDS Chief Apologizes For Kunduz Collapse

National Directorate of Security chief Rahmatullah Nabil has apologized over the collapse of Kunduz city.

Emotions ran high in Wednesday’s session of Afghanistan’s Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) as MPs questioned the real reason behind the collapse of Kunduz city on Monday to the Taliban.

In addressing the MPs Nabil was faced with a barrage of questions from angry MPs over why nothing had been done to secure Kunduz despite months of growing insecurity in the city.

Nabil spoke on camera for only two minutes before the session was closed to the media.

He opened by apologizing to MPs and to the nation for what has happened but praised the city’s local NDS forces for having continued to work and provide accurate and detailed information about the situation on the ground.

Host Yama Siavash discusses the issue with the following guests:

Shukria Paiman, MP-Kunduz
Qudratullah Zaki, MP- Takhar

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