FARAKHABAR: Pakistan 'Appointing' Taliban


Mansour Dadullah, a top Taliban commander and defiant to Mullah Mansour, said on Monday that the Pakistani Intelligence Service (ISI) had direct involvement in appointing the group’s leader. He also touched on the recent clashes between his and Mansour’s supporters and said that ISI has been waging war among Taliban factions.

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The assertions come hours after the Pakistani army chief General Rahil Sharif said Monday that Afghanistan and Pakistan were bound by blood ties and historical relations.

The question however is, is the Taliban under Pakistan’s control?

In this episode of FARAKHABAR, host Yama Siavash discusses the topic with the following guests:

Jawed Kohistani, military analyst

Sayed Eshaq Gillani, chairman Hizb-e-Nahzat-e-Hambastagi Party


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