FARAKHABAR: Taliban Seize Sar-e-Pul's Kohistanat District


FaraKhabar-28-July 2015

Taliban insurgents have seized control of Kohistanat district in Sar-e-Pul province and several villages in Kunduz province over the past two days, local officials said on Tuesday.

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Meanwhile, Taliban insurgents reportedly seized control of as many as 80 villages on Monday night in northern Kunduz province, officials said.

The incident took place after Taliban insurgents attacked Khan Abad district in Kunduz two days ago and started clashing with residents in the district.

In this episode of Farakhabar, host Yama Siavash discusses the topic with the following guests,

Sharifi Balkhabi, MP
Mohammad Asif Jabarkhail, Sar-e-Pul police chief

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