Faryab Girl Gets Public Lashing By Taliban


A young girl in Faryab province who reportedly had a phone conversation with a strange man was allegedly subjected to a public lashing by the Taliban as punishment.

In video footage in TOLOnews’ possession, a Taliban commander is seen saying the girl had an affair with a young boy but that the boy fled to an area under government control.

Tahir Sardash, TOLOnews correspondent, who sent in the report said that the girl lives 18km from Maimana city, the capital of Faryab province.

Religious scholars have however slammed the action, calling it un-Islamic.

“Determining the implementation of such punishment is the authority of official institutions. Islam is against such action,” said Waliullah Labib, a religious scholar.

The footage shows armed Taliban men and a Taliban judge lashing a girl named Bebe Gul – a resident of Pashton Kot district of Faryab province.

In reaction to the lashing, the Human Rights Commission strongly condemned the action.

“The Human Rights Commission strictly condemns the incident and asks the government to implement the law and see that justice is carried out,” said Latifa Sultani, coordinator of the women’s rights section at the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, AIHRC.

In the past few months, a number of violent crimes have been carried out against women by kangaroo courts. However, most perpetrators are still at large.

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