Fierce Fighting Erupts Between Afghan Forces, Taliban In Marjah


Heavy clashes have erupted between Taliban insurgents and the Afghan forces in Marjah district of southern Helmand province.

Some reports indicate the Taliban has seized control of several parts of the province.

Security forces battling the Taliban on the front line have said that the Taliban has forced residents in Marjah to evacuate their homes and that the group has planted mines on the roads.

“We shoot even a motorbike if we feel it is suspicious,” a police officer in Marjah Nazuk Mir said.

Security officials have said that the planting of mines is posing a serious threat to the security forces.

“war always keep going on, but closely monitor movements of the enemy regularly during day and night,” another officer said.

It is said that the Taliban has taken up positions inside residential areas to target Afghan troops.

“We have always given severe response to Taliban in the warfronts, Taliban will never get victory,” another officer said.

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