Fifth Round Of RAPL Ends As Thousands Attend Final Match


More than 7,000 audiences participated in the final match of the fifth round of Afghanistan Roshan Premier League (RAPL) where they cheered their favorite teams and showed their interest for peace and unity in the country.

The audience at the stadium said they feel happy watching their favorite teams and they want peace in the country.

“I feel very happy. Today Afghanistan has its football league and people have gathered here to support their teams,” said Mohammad Wali, a resident of Kabul.

“I am very excited to see which team will win,” said Ahmad Sajjad, another resident of Kabul.

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah and a number of other political figures were also among the spectators of the final match between Shaheen Asmayee and Da Maiwand Atalan.

“Both teams are good. They play very well. One team will be announced winner but I think both of the squads are winners,” Abdullah said.

“This league brings happiness to Afghans. It is a big achievement,” Said Farid Hamidi, the Attorney General of Afghanistan.

A large number of women were also among the audience at the stadium.

“My friend told me about the match and I came here to watch it,” said Aasia, a university student.

“There were more women among the spectators this year,” said Maryam, a resident of Kabul.

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