Five Generals Investigated for Convoy Attack


An investigation is underway into the conduct of five generals and five other police officials involved in transferring police cadets from Wardak to Kabul last Thursday.

Dozens were killed or wounded when their convoy was bombed in an apparent suicide attack.

The Head of the advisory board of the Presidential Palace Nasrullah Stanikzai said all those involved in transferring the police cadets will be punished.

The Attorney General Office has started investigating 10 police officials, including five generals from the Interior Ministry, who were involved in transferring the cadets to Kabul.

“The investigations will be conducted seriously and those who are found to have neglected in their duties, will be punished,” Stanikzai said.

“The Attorney General Office will practically start investigating the cases today [Monday],” he added.

Hasibullah, a police cadet involved in the incident on Thursday, told TOLOnews he thought the attackers were “suicide bombers that got onto our bus. They came from inside the training center and got on the vehicle.”

Critics said they are concerned about the support by a number of officials for the attackers as well as those who have neglected in their duty.

“Those who are responsible in this incident do not considering themselves subject to the law because they have been appointed by senior officials. They think no one can punish them,” said university lecturer Tahir Hashemi.

Afghans are demanding that the government should act on the outcome of the fact-finding commission assigned to probe the issue.

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