Focus on Plight of Returnees from Pakistan


Afghan migrants who in recent months flocked to Afghanistan from Pakistan refugee camps are now struggling to survive in the country.

In recent months thousands of refugees returned to their home after years in Pakistan. Hundreds of these refugees are now settled in camps in Khairkahil village of Laghman province and they face food shortages, lack of health services, a scarcity of clean drinking water and other basic necessities.

Those who have returned from Pakistan have said that Pakistan’s military has forced them to return home.

“We have been living here in this camp for a month, our children are suffering from illnesses, there is no hospital here so that we can take them for treatment,” said a refugee Haji Gul.

“My family and others have left this open area, we had a better life in Pakistan, now that we have returned to our country, the government does not bother to focus on our plight and hardships,” said another refugee Kamran.

“Hundreds of families live here in this camp, they live in the open areas under tents,” said Laghman Governor Sarhadi Zuwak.

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