Forces In Helmand On Defensive, Waiting For Orders


Forces in the first line of battle in Helmand province said that troops are on the defensive and are not taking an offensive approach as they are still waiting for such orders.

Security forces said that for the past four days they have been prepared to attack the Taliban and push them back but they are still waiting for their orders.

“We came from Herat province and we want to retake the areas where Taliban have control and fortunately we have taken some areas but we want to move technically due to the demining operation which is slow,” said Mohammad Aqbal, an army officer.

Security forces in Nqal Abad and Nad Ali district said that they are waiting for their war orders and if they do not receive their orders villages will fall to the Taliban.

“We stay in a defense state and we are not allowed to be offensive in areas where enemies stay and officials are not allowing us to conduct the operation. It is two nights that we stay here in a defensive state and we will lose the areas too if we do not receive war orders,” said Abdullah, an army officer.

Meanwhile Helmand local officials said that in order to prevent civilian casualties the operation is progressing slowly.

“Due to children, elders and women in the villages the operation is slow. Our commandos and other additional forces arrived in the area and we have brought heavy casualties to the enemies.” said Omar Haqmal Nad Ali district Police chief.

At the moment security forces are in battles with terrorists in Nad Ali, Greshk, Marja and Lashkargah, the capital of the province.

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