Foreign Forces Airstrike Kills Six Soldiers in Farah

Five National Army Commandos and a police soldier were killed and five other policemen wounded in a foreign air force airstrike in Farah province on Friday night, officials said Saturday.

A number of security force members who survived the strike told TOLOnews that on Friday night a foreign forces jet bombed the Kansk area of Bala Blok district of Farah province.

207 Zafar corps media office confirmed the incident and said that investigations are being carried out.

ANA officials in Herat also confirmed the incident.

This comes after Afghan National Police (ANP) members were reportedly killed in a foreign troops airstrike on their checkpoint in central Uruzgan province last month.

The checkpoint situated in the Sagai area of Trinkot, on the Uruzgan-Kandahar road, was also bombed – reportedly by a foreign air force – a police commander in Uruzgan, Rahimullah said after the incident.

“The enemies were far, about 800 meters from our check posts and their flags were up and they were coming and bombing the police. It seems that it was ordered, not a mistake – if they come and later say it was unintentional. Anyone who was involved in this should be punished,” he said.

Torjan, one of the soldiers who survived the bombing said: “I was at my check post. The first attack killed our colleagues and while we were trying to pull-out our colleagues from the check post than another attack happened.”

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