Foreign Woman Kidnapped In Nangarhar

Nangarhar local officials said on Thursday a foreign woman was kidnapped by unknown gunmen at about 5am local time on Thursday in Jalalabad.

According to officials the kidnapping took place when unknown gunmen entered DACAAR, a consortium of Danish NGOs, and kidnapped the woman.

“The woman without coordination with security institutions traveled from Kabul to Nangarhar and we were not aware of this. She was kidnapped by unknown gunmen early today but it is not clear who kidnapped her or where she was taken,” said Attaullah Khogyani, the provincial governor’s spokesman.

Meanwhile provincial civil society activists have appealed to security institutions to do everything possible to secure the release of the woman.

“There are reports that kidnappers were in military uniform. There are many check posts in Jalalabad city and the question is how did the abductors get past those check posts? We want responsible institutions to put serious efforts into securing the release of the foreign woman,” said Abdul Rahman Mawen, a civil society activist.

The woman had reportedly gone to Jalalabad to check on a project in Nangarhar. Officials say she left Kabul for Jalalabad on Wednesday.

Provincial police said that they are trying everything possible to find the woman.

Neither her nationality nor her identity has been released to the media.

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