Gen Raziq Casts Doubt On Peace Efforts


General Abdul Raziq, Kandahar Police Chief, said it is too early to predict possible outcomes of peace talks.

However, he believes that current peace efforts are only “killing time”.

He said that the peace process, since its establishment, has not yielded any results so far.

“Peace is the desire of all Afghans. We hope peace comes to our country. As we all know it has been 14 years that the government is trying to restore peace in Afghanistan, but Pakistan does not want this to happen. If Afghanistan directly talks peace with the Taliban, then this might yield in a result,” Razeq said.

He said that if the Taliban are willing to talk peace with government, then they should enter into direct talks.

“If the Taliban truly wants to join the peace process of Afghanistan, they should start direct talks with government. Their representatives in Quetta and Afghanistan should start peace talks with the Afghan government, not Pakistan,” he went on.

Hinting at mounting insecurity in southern Afghanistan, particularly Helmand, Razeq said the Taliban are fighting for others interests in Afghanistan.

He threatened the militants that Afghan forces will not let them achieve their goals.

“The Taliban in Helmand are trying to pose threats to Miawand district of Kandahar, although security forces have launched clearance operations in the district. We will not let the Taliban to achieve their goals,” he said.

The remarks come at a time that a number of representatives of the Taliban are engaged in two-day discussions with a number of Afghan political and Jihadi figures in Qatar.

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