Germany Pledges Continued Support to Afghan Forces


The commander of NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in northern Afghanistan Brigadier General Andreas Hanneman said on Monday that alliance forces have struggled to boost war capability of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in an effort to enable them handle insurgent threats.

He said that Germany will however, continue to provide support and assistance to Afghanistan for the next ten years.

As Taliban’s insurgency gathers momentum in northern Afghanistan, NATO has also reaffirmed its longstanding support to the Afghan security forces to help them in tackling threats from the insurgent groups.

“First of all its fun, and it’s really fun to work together with 22 nations because it’s simply a huge experience I never had before in the size especially directly under my command.” He said.

German soldiers contribute a large percentage of Resolute Support mission troops based in northern Afghanistan. In a new development, German commander has pledged the alliance’s long term cooperation to Afghan forces.

“Afghanistan is a country to where we have the longest lasting relationship that started even in the First World War. It was continued through the Second World War even and it stayed after the war,” Hanneman added.

Currently, 850 German soldiers serve in Afghanistan with the majority of them deployed in northern provinces particularly in Balkh.

Following the fall of Kunduz city to the Taliban two weeks ago, the German foreign minister said that in light of the ongoing insurgency, his country will focus on a calendar based troop drawdown, stressing that Germany will keep its troops beyond 2016.

It appears that the fall of Kunduz has led to serious concerns among Afghanistan’s western partners and NATO’s decision to keep troops in the country after 2016 is testimony to this concern, say analysts.

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