Ghani, Abdullah Condemn Kabul Mosque Attack

President Ashraf Ghani on Monday afternoon condemned in the strongest terms the suicide bombing that targeted a mosque in Kabul on Monday.

According to a press release issued by the Presidential Palace, Ghani expressed his condolences with the families of the victims and said the act was unforgivable and an act by Afghanistan’s enemies.

He said the attack on a sacred and religious places is evidence of enmity against Islam and the people of Afghanistan.

He said the act was aimed at bringing fractures among Afghan ethnicities.

Ghani said he has ordered all health officials to leave no stone unturned in helping those who were affected by the explosion.

At least 27 people were killed and almost 50 wounded when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a Shia mosque in Char Qala in Kabul.

Meanwhile, CEO Abdullah Abdullah also condemned the attack and sent his condolences to the families of victims.

“I strongly condemn the suicide attack targeting mourners in a mosque in Kabul earlier this afternoon, he said via twitter.

“This attack targeted innocent civilians -including children- in a holy place. It is a war crime and an act against Islam and humanity.

“This attack is against religions, faiths, humanity, human ideologies and every human belief. This is a sign of barbarism and cruelty,” he said.

He went on to say security forces will hold the perpetrators accountable by bringing them to justice.

“Afghan lives matter. These terrorists and their harboring states will pay a heavy price for these atrocities against the Afghan people,” he stated.

In conclusion, Abdullah said: “While we mourn the loss of our loved ones, we must make sure to work for unity and avoid the enemy plots that divide us by titles.”

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