Ghani, Abdullah Expected To Meet Thursday


President Ashraf Ghani and his CEO Abdullah Abdullah are finally expected to meet Thursday for their second-round of talks following a falling out between the two.

Initially the two were expected to meet last Thursday but this was postponed.

“President Ghani and the Chief Executive will meet on Thursday for the second time to discuss the implementation of the national unity government (NUG), an agreement that needs to be implemented fully as was promised the people”, said Javid Faisal, spokesman for the CEO office.

Meanwhile a number of former government officials believe that the rift between the two is not serious, but that the main disagreement is between people and the national unity government.

They say that if the leaders do not fulfill commitments they promised; the legitimacy of the election will be questioned by the people.

“The situation is critical, it is better not to speak … Loya Jirga needs to be held … I insist that a Loya Jirga needs to be held because people want it and the national unity government leaders promised that to the people. They cannot deceive people … they should not test people’s patience”, said Rangin Dadfar Spanta, former deputy of the National Security Council.

Meanwhile, a number of political analysts have said that leaders of the NUG are required to hold a Loya Jirga. They blasted them for not having taken action to convene this.

Fazlullah Wahidi, former governor of Herat, said: “They are afraid that if they hold the Jirga people will hear the suggestions of politicians and will become aware of the situation. Thus the Jirga would say that they do not want this government. Therefore, they do not want to hold the Loya Jirga.”

The disagreements between the two leaders emerged about 10 days ago when Abdullah criticized Ghani for not taking some issues seriously and for not implementing the conditions of the NUG agreement.

Issues presented to Ghani by Abdullah at last week’s meeting reportedly included that of the implementation of the NUG accord, the issue of governance, issues around foreign and national policies, electoral reforms, equal division of authorities, authorities of the CEO in the administration and finance, the inclusion of the CEO in national decisions, the authorities of some presidential advisors, and appointing key persons to senior positions.

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