Ghani, Abdullah Rift Main Reason For Lack Of Progress


Mohammad Natiqi, head of the monitoring commission for the implementation of the national unity government’s political agreement, said on Saturday that the rift between President Ashraf Ghani and his CEO Abdullah Abdullah is the main reason for the agreement not having been implemented.

Natiqi said powerful groups within government have also tried to prevent the implementation of the agreement.

This comes just 12 days ahead of the second anniversary of the National Unity Government (NUG).

In line with this, analysts have said the NUG leaders have failed to fulfill promises they made to the people.

One commitment was that of a Loya Jirga to amend the constitution in order to create the position of prime minister for the CEO. This has not however been done.

“The NUG is made up of two teams. The disagreements between the teams have delayed progress, an example is the delay of five months in work by the electoral reforms commission,” Natiqi said.

According to the political agreement signed between the two leaders, the CEO’s position should be changed to that of prime minister following a presidential decree and that all the authorities and duties should be specified.

“People want change, people want good politics, people want good economics,” said Dawood Ravoush, Chairman of the United National Progressive Party of Afghanistan.

“NUG wanted to delay its work. They should have fulfilled their commitments they made to the people and to the international community, but they failed,” said Ghulam Hussain Nasiri, an MP.

The presidential palace and the CEO’s office did not comment in this regard.

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