Ghani Appoints Committee to Assess Hajj Process


President Ashraf Ghani on Thursday evening assigned a task team to assess the problems facing the Hajj pilgrimage process.

While welcoming home pilgrims at Hamid Karzai International Airport of Kabul, Ghani said the committee would be responsible for assessing the transparency in the process and drafting new plans to provide the pilgrims with more facilities.

In addition, he congratulated the pilgrims on their sacred journey.

“I congratulate you on completing this biggest obligation of the fifth fundamental (pillar) of Islam,” Ghani said.

This year, about 23,000 Afghans travelled to Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage.

A number of Afghans however lost their lives during two separate incidents this year in the Mecca and Mina cities of Saudi Arabia.

According to official Saudi statistics, nearly 800 pilgrims died during a deadly stampede. Only a few days earlier a crane crashed on Mecca’s Grand Mosque, leaving over a hundred pilgrims dead.

But Iran – who blamed Saudi government for the stampede – reported over 2,000 pilgrims died in the stampede in which Iran said more than 400 Iranian pilgrims were included in this toll.

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