Ghani Attends Military Graduation, Praises New Recruits


Speaking at a graduation ceremony for cadets at the Marshal Fahim National Defense University (MFNDU) President Ashraf Ghani on Monday praised the newly graduated troops and said “while other youths are fleeing the country, you are committed to defending the country”.

He said: “I want to thank all security forces for their efforts.”

“Last year was a survival year for Afghanistan and the Afghan generals showed that they can defend the country.”

Ghani told guests attending the event that “you have the same responsibility in all parts of the country to defend your people and your land”.

He said that “no one should doubt the will of the security forces” and promised that they will not forget the martyrs and their families.

Ghani went on to say that every night security forces conduct six to seven military operations across the country to clear insurgents.

He once again warned insurgents that they will face the full wrath of the security forces if they don’t lay down their arms.

“If someone wants peace we will be ready to make peace with them, but for those who want war, we will eliminate them,” Ghani said.

He said: “Don’t forget that this war is imposed on us and the insurgents are attacking the mosques, killing the children and targeting our schools.”

He went on to say that government is striving for a professional military which should be neutral and without political links.

He said government will also try to “knock on every door to provide more equipment for Afghanistan’s air force.”

Once again he warned Al-Qaeda, Daesh and other terrorist groups that they will be destroyed in Afghanistan and called on the Taliban to separate themselves from insurgents. “If you are Afghans, join the peace process”. Adding that if they don’t they will face a massive response from the security forces.

He also told to the military forces “to be ready for a worse situation but also have hope” for the future and said “you are the future of Afghanistan’s military.”

Ghani also thanked the international community for their efforts to provide training, equipment and facilities to security forces.

More than 549 officers including 13 women graduated on Monday from the academy and will join their fellow troops in combat missions.

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