Ghani Calls for Isolation of Terrorist Backers


President Ashraf Ghani has said that the countries that continue to show double standard policies toward terrorism must be pushed toward isolation.

He said that terrorism was not a joke and it must be taken seriously.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has said it is not interested in commenting on Ghani’s recent tour to India, but warns that Islamabad will not remain silent if India posed threats against its interests from Afghan soil.

Ghani strongly defended the growing ties between Kabul and New Delhi.

In an interview with Indian media, Ghani said that the countries which have failed to combat terrorism with sincerity must be pushed into sideline.

“A ladder has been climbed the end of which is going to be isolation of those who tolerate or back terrorism. We have to have a resolve that terrorism is not a joke, it is not a tool, it is a threat, and it is the threat to all the values that in the last 200 years we have come to appreciate freedom of movement,” said Ghani.

It seems that Pakistan does not feel happy over rising relations between Afghanistan and India.

“We have an independent foreign policy roadmap which circulate around the interests of the people and government of Afghanistan while establishing relations with world countries, this does not mean that we act against other nation,” said deputy presidential spokesman Shahhussain Murtazawi.

Why Pakistan hesitates Kabul-Delhi ties

“When Pakistan continues to stay in the opposite side of relations between Afghanistan and India. If international community mount pressure on Pakistan from the address the opponent forces of Afghanistan, Pakistan feels that its interests are on the threat,” said political analyst Barna Salehi.

“We strongly support the Indian generosity and its cooperation to Afghanistan. India supports Afghanistan so that this country is changed into a strong and independent country,” said spokesman to U.S state department Mark Toner.

Amid thaw in Afghanistan-India bilateral relations, Washington has said that these ties will further support U.S ties with the regional nations and it is crucial in enhancing global peace and security.

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