Ghani Meets China's Army Chief of Staff in Kabul


President Ashraf Ghani on Monday met China’s Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Fang Fenghui in Kabul and called for the further expansion of friendly relations between the two countries, the President’s Office said in a statement.

At the meeting, which was held at the Presidential Palace, Fenghui commended Afghanistan on its anti-terrorism measures and reaffirmed China’s commitment to provide economic and military assistance, the statement said.

Fenghui said that Afghanistan’s position is very important for China’s economy and that China is committed to helping in the fight against terrorism, according to the statement.

He said terrorism is a major threat to the world and promised $480 million in aid for the Afghan security sectors.

He praised Afghanistan’s efforts in the fight against “terrorism” groups and promised more cooperation with Afghanistan.

Ghani meanwhile thanked Fenghui and the President of China and said that “terrorists come to Afghanistan after receiving military training in the region” and destabilize security in the north of Afghanistan.

He also said that terrorism is not only a threat to Afghanistan but it also threatening the security of China and the world and emphasized that Afghan security forces will bravely fight this phenomenon.

China is playing a key role in the latest peace talks and is one of four nations that have drawn up a road map for talks with the Taliban.

Government said that the peace talks, scheduled for the first week of March in Islamabad, offer Taliban and other armed groups a renewed opportunity to end the violence.

“We call on all armed groups to use this opportunity to choose a life free of war and violence, which brings nothing but destruction, disaster and death,” government said in a statement.

This new attempt at peace talks comes after previous failed attempts.

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