Ghani Meets Kunduz Residents, Introduces New Governor


President Ashraf Ghani met residents of northern Kunduz province on Tuesday and introduced Asadullah Omarkhail as the new governor of the province, the President’s Office said.

The meeting was attended by the youth, elders, scholars, MPs and Provincial Council representatives and they praised the government’s efforts for improving the security situation, economic programs and reforms of the government, according to the statement.

This comes after residents and civil society activists in Kunduz recently staged protests against mounting insecurity in the province.

They accused the government of incompetence and negligence in bringing security to the province. The protestors called on government to conduct a large-scale operation in the province soon.

The protestors voiced their concerns that militants have once again started sporadic fighting in Kunduz city and if the government does not take action, they will be compelled to leave their houses to escape oppression and harassment of the Taliban militants.

Recently, the insurgents increased their activities in the province and frequently attack the security forces.

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