Ghani Meets US Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan


President Ashraf Ghani on Saturday met the US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Olson, and discussed security issues and the peace process, the Presidential Palace said Sunday in a statement.

According to the statement, both sides discussed preparations for the bilateral commission, regional issues, security cooperation, peace process and the upcoming Brussels and Warsaw conferences.

At the meeting, Ghani reportedly thanked the U.S for its assistance to Afghanistan, in particular in military affairs and the drawing of the international community’s attention to economic and military cooperation with Afghanistan.

Ghani said that besides presenting government’s plans and programs at NATO’s July summit in Warsaw, he would also share the achievements with international donors, the statement said.

Ghani also said Saturday that restoring long term peace and stability in the country was among the topmost priorities for him and his CEO Abdullah Abdullah – as this has been one of the main aspirations of the Afghan people in general.

Speaking at a joint press conference with visiting U.S Secretary of State John Kerry on Saturday night, Ghani said that the American people and government realize the “thirst of the Afghan people for peace”.

Highlighting the strategic importance of the relations between Afghanistan and the United States, Ghani said that both the Afghans and Americans have made sacrifices in the country over the past several years while fighting terrorists and these sacrifices in fact outline the common goals between the two nations.

The president hailed the U.S military for its help and thanked them for their financial cooperation to Afghan security forces and said that the United States government has proved its honesty in its efforts to structure a strong and capable Afghan security force.

He said that the arrangements and plans for the Warsaw and Brussels summits were also discussed at the meeting with the U.S secretary of state.

Furthermore, Ghani reaffirmed his government’s commitment to bringing about basic reforms in the country in order to build up trust among the Afghan public that real change is occurring.

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