Ghani Pledges Role For Women In Political System


President Asharf Ghani has said that there will be no compromise on the constitution and that Afghan women will not backslide but will move forward, shoulder to shoulder with men.

Speaking at the Third International Symposium on Empowerment and Role of Women in Afghanistan on Saturday, Ghani reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to women empowerment and said that women’s participation in Afghanistan’s political structure will be increased.

“It is my personal commitment and the commitment of the national unity government to activate the presence of Afghan women in all spheres,” Ghani said.

Meanwhile, U.S and Norway have reaffirmed their commitment to helping empower Afghan women in the country.

“The United States is a firmly committed partner with Afghanistan and its government in advancing women’s rights in particular in dealing with questions of education,” said Richard Olson, the U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Now we have a situation where more than three million girls are enrolled in school, I think this is a major achievement, but we should not be complaisant about the situation,” Norwegian foreign minister Børge Brende said.

The two-day symposium will discuss ways on how to resolve issues facing women and institutionalizing the rights of women in the country.

Meanwhile, the Afghan first lady, Rula Ghani, said that the national unity government is committed to promoting the empowerment of women.

“The conference is quite important to reflect the serious commitment of the national unity government towards women, the conference is an opportunity for Afghan women,” Rula Ghani said.

“Recommended solutions will be referred to the international community as part of the Kabul symposium’s recommendations so that they can take practical steps towards implementing these recommendations,” minister of foreign affairs Salahuddin Rabbani said.

Addressing the symposium, Olson said that the US will continue supporting the Afghan women and that U.S President Barack Obama’s administration highly values the training and education of Afghan girls.

Norway has also viewed its long term cooperation to protect the rights of women in Afghanistan, but urges more efforts to be done to help Afghan women.

This comes at a time when women in Afghanistan continue to face challenges, while violence against them has increased visibly over the past few years, raising alarm among human right’s activities and people.

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