Ghani Predicts Tough Times Ahead For Security Forces


President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday said at a joint meeting with security institutions that the coming months will be the toughest yet for security forces.

Ghani speaking in the presence of Resolute Support Commander, Defense Minister, Interior Minister and National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief emphasized that currently the undeclared war has been changed to a declared war and the coming year will the year of fundamental mobility for Afghanistan.

“We need full preparation because the current war situation has changed from an undeclared war to a declared war,”Ghani said‎

Ghani also speak about security situation in coming years.

“If last year was the year of survival and the current year was the year of integrated defense then what will be the next year? It will be the year of fundamental mobility and what will be our aim until 2019? Creating conditions for success,” Ghani added.

Meanwhile Ghani said that problems in the security institution sector are not acceptable.

“I really felt shame when I heard that our security forces went for 15 or 20 days with only rice or only bread. What are our intelligence services doing? People should call me or call the media. I want solutions to these complaints. It is not a request but an order and it must be implemented … I will bring changes and the system has to be reformed,” Ghani added.

During the meeting Ghani once again emphasized the need for cooperation and coordination between the security forces and foreign troops in the suppression of the enemy.

Ghani said that the high number of military casualties in the country is a big challenge and added that capturing of government forces’ equipment by armed opposition is not acceptable.

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