Ghani Under Fire For Withholding Results Of Task Teams


Critics blasted President Ashraf Ghani on Monday over the creation of what they call incompetent task teams assigned to investigate major incidents in the country and for withholding the findings of such teams despite having pledged otherwise.

Reacting to the allegations posed by critics, the Presidential Palace insists that the tasks teams have conducted thorough investigations and recommendations are being followed up.

“In a country where there is the culture of reward and punishment and the culture of accountability and monitoring, and there is no seriousness within the system, such issues continue to happen,” MP Habiba Danish said.

The Kunduz fact finding committee was one example of a commission tasked by Ghani to probe the fall of the city to the Taliban in September last year. However, despite having submitted its findings and making recommendations, neither the full report was released nor were recommendations followed up by government, said a member of the fact finding team.

“The majority of these commissions are symbolic, because people get emotional whenever an incident happens, therefore the government forms such commissions to cool public outrage,” one member of the Kunduz fact finding committee Abdalullah Mohammadi said.

In answer to this, deputy presidential spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi rejected the claims.

“Despite the challenges and a prolonged working process, you witnessed that several commissions and task teams accomplished their work with complete sovereignty and freedom,” he said.

Regarding the job of the Kunduz fact finding team, Hashemi said: “For instance you take the job of Kunduz fact finding team, the government of Afghanistan took several measures on the basis of the recommendations offered by the team and likewise, see the electoral reform commission which is assigned to recommend reform packages for electoral systems. The government is implementing the plan,” he said.

This comes after TOLOnews recently accessed a number of reports of several commissions including that of ghost teachers, ghost students; corruption in contracts of the ministry of defense; and corruption in the procurement department and appointment procedure in the e-NIC department.

Despite these reports had been finalized, details have not been shared with the people.

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