Ghani Urges More Female Political Representation


In a meeting with representatives of various women’s organizations on Friday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stressed the need for more women political representation within government institutions, asking the ministries to consider more female appointments in a bid to empower Afghan women.

Ghani pledged to review employment opportunities for women in the Afghan legal system by implementing necessary reforms within the relevant institutions.

In his remarks, Ghani said that women have major potential in legal spheres, therefore he recommended a female for membership of the Supreme Court a few weeks back. However, Ghani strongly criticized the lawmakers for not casting the vote of confidence for supreme court female nominee Anisa Rassouli.

“There are qualified women in courts who have been sidelined while we need them to serve in the legal and judicial systems. Already 249 female judges serve there. There is not a single female judge in Iran. But this is not enough, numbers of female judges should be increased,” he said.

“The fundamental issue is that women aren’t prepared to serve in the provinces, I want to request the human rights commission and national assembly to study the environment and offer their recommendations to me, because without presence of women, we can’t resolve the problems facing the women,” Ghani added.

He said that contribution of women in the cabinet helps to improve women situations in the country, adding that there is a need to increase women representation in the government institutions.

“Women contribution must be increased in the departments, the current trend is not acceptable to me. My instruction to ministers is to consider female candidates for deputy ministries. There will not be proper representation of women unless women are in place in jobs,” he said.

In addition, Ghani pledged to dispatch a number of women abroad to pursue short term courses in leadership and management.

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