Ghani Urges Parliament To Help Resolve National Issues


President Ashraf Ghani has urged members of the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament) and his cabinet to help resolve issues of national interest.

Ghani asked the Afghan lawmakers to share their recommendations and proposals with government in a bid to improve the situation in the country.

Speaking before the joint meeting of cabinet ministers and members of the Afghan National Assembly on Thursday, Ghani said cabinet ministers must address the demands of the people across the country, adding that this will also help to make ministers accountable and to improve cooperation and trust between the three branches of government.

He said that this will also help improve the culture of accountability and boost trust between the three bodies of government.

“Amid the ongoing situation in the country, its vital to improve coordination between the three bodies including the executive body, legislative and judicial bodies. It is our commitment to enhance coordination between the three bodies for safeguarding our national interests,” he said.

“As chief of the three bodies, it is my commitment to consider balance between the three bodies and that the necessary access to them will be available,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah has said that the government in consultation with the MPs will reduce a number of security check points in volatile regions of the country, a move which Abdullah said was aimed to further mobilize government forces fighting insurgents in insecure regions.

He said that public support was a key element at bolstering the political structure and in extending cooperation and communication between the three bodies of the government and the people – to help bridge the gap.

“Some people think that reducing the number of check posts in some areas is aimed at handing over these areas to armed opponents, but it is not like that, however, the move is aimed to further mobilize the security forces and nourish their activities against the armed opponents,” Abdullah said.

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