Ghani Vows To 'Bury' Daesh in Afghanistan


Daesh will be buried in Afghanistan, said President Ashraf Ghani.

He said that in the fight against Daesh, Afghans are motivated by revenge.

The president said that Daesh is not an Afghan phenomenon. “It’s [Daesh] atrocities have alienated the people. Afghans are now motivated by revenge. They have confronted the wrong people,” he added.

In an interview with BBC, President Ghani threatened that the conflict will intensify in Afghanistan, unless peace talks start by April.

“A lot of my diplomacy has been to create the regional consensus, and a region with the inheritance of previous animosities and short-sighted behaviour is something that is going to require effort and focus,” he said.

Meanwhile, the president called on Pakistan to take serious action against those militants who are not ready to talk.

“We need to see that we have common interests and we need to act together to preserve the state system and consolidate it,” he said

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