Ghani Warns Opposition Against Causing Disunity


Those in opposition to the Afghan government who seek a breakdown of the administration will isolate themselves, President Ashraf Ghani recently warned.

“Being in opposition to the government, does not mean uprooting an administration or government system. Anyone who has attempted to live isolated from the system or tried to lay a trap for the system, will be isolated and caught in that trap themselves,” Ghani said.

Responding to Ghani’s remarks, Naqibullah Hashemi, a political commentator, said the political agreement between the parties states that a Loya Jirga [Grand Assembly] should be convened within the first two years of the National Unity Government. “Kabul should either bring reforms to its system or organize a Loya Jirga and take decisions on its future,” he said.

This comes after the head of the political and international committee of the Council of Protection and Stability in Afghanistan, Mohammad Umer Daudzai, said they are concerned about the fragility of the state.

“An agreement-based government can last for one or two years, not forever. The term of the agreement has been completed. Now you [government leaders] should find a solution. If they don’t, and do not have the ability to do so, they should seek help from us,” said Daudzai.

In his reaction, acting Balkh governor Atta Mohammad Noor, said the current government is illegitimate.

“[In this administration], some are busy filling their pockets, others are appointing their relatives, and yet others are trying to find better income sources or finding higher positions in the administration,” he said as he criticized the central government.

Despite the criticism, President Ghani called on people to be united and said that different in views are common in democracy.

“No one can use the Afghan nation. Anyone that wants to create disunity among us will be isolated.”

Reports say that Ghani has visited former Jihadi leader and member the Council of Protection and Stability in Afghanistan leadership, Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayyaf, but it is not known yet that what their agenda in the meeting was.

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