Ghani's Remark Against TV Channels Sparks Strong Reaction


In his speech to members of 209 Shaheen Army Corps on Monday, President Ashraf Ghani spoke out against Afghan TV channels and said that TV networks blow “hot air” while you (security forces) blow bombs.

“I strongly appreciate the efforts made by the nation’s security forces,” he said while addressing the troops.

“As supreme commander of the armed forces, I want to thank all of you (troops). If someone truly believes in justice. Put televisions to one side. They (TVs) blow hot air while you (troops) blow bombs,” he added.

But, Ghani’s remakes sparked widespread reaction among the Afghan media with some slamming his remarks, saying this should not be said by a president.

Meanwhile, NAI (NGO-Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan) has termed the remarks to be against the media, insulting and offensive.

“It is very unfortunate to say that the president expressed some outrageous and insulting remarks against media among the Afghan army troopers in Balkh, therefore the president must offer an apology,” said head of NAI Sediqullah Tawhidi.

Freedom of press in Afghanistan has been regarded as one of the major gains made by the Afghan nation in the post-Taliban era.

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