Ghazni Calls For Special Unit To Safeguard Historical Sites


The Information and Culture Directorate and a number of cultural activists in Ghazni on Friday urged government to establish a special unit of security forces to safeguard historical sites in the province.

Acting Director of Information and Culture in Ghazni, Bismillah Sharifi, said illegal excavation at historical sites continues in parts of Ghazni; therefore, this province is in dire need of the special unit to save the monuments.

“The existence of the 012 Unit [a recently established unit in some provinces to safeguard historical heritages] is a must for Ghazni. We have several times called for such a team in the province,” he said.

Some cultural activists in Ghazni also said the unit was a must for keeping the cultural and historical sites safe in the province.

“The personnel of the unit should be sent to Ghazni as well in order to keep the heritages safe. The illegal excavation will continue if the unit does not start its work here in Ghazni,” said writer and cultural activist Asadullah Jalalzai.

Meanwhile, Ghazi police chief Aminullah Amarkhail talked about the Interior Ministry’s commitment to founding a security force unit for the protection of these sites .

He added: “We have sent the draft of establishing a unit to the Interior Ministry and it has promised us to form it as well as keep the historical sites in Ghazni safe.”

The 012 Unit has started work in some provinces in recent months, which has the responsibility of keeping historical sites safe.

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