Ghazni Hostages Released


The remaining ten passengers out of 17 who were abducted in central Ghazni province last week were released on Friday evening, local officials said on Saturday.

The passengers were abducted in Qarabagh and Jaghori district on Tuesday. Seven of them were released on Wednesday after tribal elders negotiated with the hostage-takers. Ten others were released on Friday evening, a member of Provincial Council of Ghazni, Hassan Reza Yousufi said.

“All the passengers were released and have joined their families in Jaghori,” he said.

Earlier, Yousufi warned “if the government does not send troops in to secure the highways of the districts, the highways will become more insecure.”

Kidnapping cases have increased substantially in the country in recent months, especially on provincial highways.

In February, armed gunmen kidnapped 31 bus passengers in Zabul. After months of negotiations 19 were released in a reported prisoner swap. However, the whereabouts of the remaining 12 hostages is still unknown.

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