Government Ready For Brussels Summit: CEO's Office


National Unity Government (NUG) Chief Executive Office on Sunday said government’s preparation for Brussels Summit are in place and the leaders will present comprehensive reports to delegates attending the meeting.

Omid Misam, deputy spokesman for the CEO, said it is hoped that the international community will extend aid to Afghanistan at the summit.

“We participate in the conference by having done a lot of gains, preparations have reached its peak, work has been done in electoral reforms,” said Maisam, deputy spokesman for the CEO.

But many believe the NUG failed to meet key commitments made in previous years – commitments that include the parliamentary and district council elections, the holding of a Loya Jirga and stamping out corruption.

Analysts believe that such meetings are critical for the country and that government should keep its promises.

“The two leaders cannot curtail their differences even if they both participate at the conference, therefore this they should settle their disputes,” said political analyst Hamid Saboori.

“The Brussels Summit will evaluate Afghanistan government’s achievements and on the basis of these achievements the government can request further aid,” said Haron Mir a political analyst.

It is however expected that the parliamentary election schedule and holding of a Loya Jirga could be announced before the Brussels Summit. However, some critics believe that because of differences between the NUG leaders, these issues have not been dealt with by the leaders.

“Even if both participate at the summit their differences cannot be denied and they have to remove their differences,” said Hamid Saboory a political analyst.

At the moment, 70 percent of the government’s national budget is met through foreign aid.

Recently the U.S envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan said that $3 billion USD in aid, which is expected to be pledged at the summit, will not be in the form of a blank check but that it will come with conditions, specifically that it is used for the development of Afghanistan, bringing about reforms and combating corruption.

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