Govt Accused Of Negligence In Fight Against Terrorism

A number of senators, in reaction to Tuesday’s deadly attack in Kabul, said government doesn’t have a clear mechanism for war and peace. They accused government of negligence in the fight against terrorism.

The senators said that government never had a clear stance against those involved in insecurity in Afghanistan.

“Our armed forces in the lower ranks are rendering sacrifices, but defense and military doctrine does not have a clear plan and strategy. Had they had a clear strategy, today this incident would not have happened in Pul-e-Mahmoud Khan (scene of Tuesday’s attack),” said Gul Ahmad Azimi, a senator.

“They say that they will make peace and there will be no war anymore, but then we are being killed and we are drowning in blood,” said Farida Kochai, another senator.

The senators said that government should not test the patience of people and should immediately devise a clear strategy against militants.

“We want to fight and we support our security forces. The government should hear our voice clearly; we don’t want peace with some who are fighting,” said Farhad Sakhi, the first speaker of the Meshrano Jirga (Lower House of Parliament).

“We want peace to come, but as we saw they, the Taliban, have announced their spring offensive,” said Anarkali Honaryar, a senator.

The remarks come just a week after the Taliban launched its so-called spring offensive. The group also recently rejected calls by the Afghan government to join the peace process. Instead, they intensified their attacks around the country.

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