Govt Blasted For ‘Weak Performance’ In Fight Against Corruption

The High Office of Anti-Corruption described the government’s anti-corruption efforts as weak during the first year of its work, but said there was a slight improvement during the second year.

The Director General of the High Office of Anti-Corruption, Ghulam Hussain Fakhri, stressed that corrupt individuals should be identified and brought to justice.

“Due to the election crisis and other problems, the government’s stance against corruption was weak during its first year of work. However, in the middle of the second year they noticed this flaw and a number of decrees were issued and in its latest step the government established the high council to fight corruption,” he said.

It has been a year and half since the formation of the National Unity Government (NUG) and people are still waiting for government to deliver on their promises and fight corruption.

People expressed their concerns over widespread corruption in state departments.

“Criminals enter prison through one door and are released through another door. Corruption is increasing day-by-day and unemployment and poverty are on the rise and the government has not delivered on any of its promises,” said Abdullah, a vendor in Kabul city.

“We want government to fight corruption, otherwise it will lose its credibility,” said Delawar, a resident of Kabul city.

Although the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) has not divulged details regarding the exact number of corrupt officials introduced to the body, President Ashraf Ghani’s Special Representative on Reform and Good Governance, Ahmad Ziad Massoud, recently said that there are at least 1,500 cases of corruption that the AGO still has to investigate.

The Protection and Stability Council of Afghanistan also lashed out at the government for not fulfilling its promises.

“We want the government to fulfill its promises, otherwise we will take our decision, because people are unhappy with the current situation,” said Massoud Treshtwal, spokesman for the council.

The Deputy Spokesman for Ghani, Dawa Khan Menapal, said that the government had recorded achievements in its fight against corruption.

“The investigation of Kabul Bank’s problems, [corruption] the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs (MUDA), and other activities including the dismissal of 120 judges and the appointment of new people and the establishment of the high council to fight against corruption speak of our serious steps against corruption,” Menapal added.

To attract more international support during NATO and Warsaw summits, counter-corruption organizations said the government needs to have tangible achievements to show in its fight against corruption.

Afghanistan is currently ranked one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

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