Govt To Build First Women's University

President Ashraf Ghani has started implementing a major campaign promise which is to build a women’s university in Kabul, the first lady Rula Ghani said at a meeting on Wednesday.

A number of cabinet members, representatives from civil society and women students participated at the meeting.

The first lady said the establishment of the university will help girls who are not allowed to study at other universities.

“Building a university for girls is one of the promises of Mr. Ghani that he vowed during presidential campaigns and now we are on the eve of its implemention,” she said.

“Those girls that are not allowed to study at other universities can continue their higher education in this university,” she added.

Meanwhile, the Higher Education Minister Farida Mohmand said the university will be built with the help of Turkey and will be named Mawlana Afghan-Turk University.

“This university will be built on at least 47 acres of land in Tap-e-Maranjan area in Kabul,” the minister added.

Labor and Social Affairs Ministry Nasrin Oryakhel meanwhile said they will provide employment opportunity for the girls that will graduate from the university.

“As the minister of labor and social affairs we are committed to providing jobs, training and entrepreneurship opportunities for graduates of the university,” she said.

Meanwhile, the chancellor of the American University in Afghanistan, Mark English, said he is ready to support the university.

He said: “The American University always supports anything that is going to advance the education for women in Afghanistan.”

“We are willing to give all of our support in terms of helping develop programs, and helping to increase their resources so that we can get this initiative started,” he added.

At the same event, Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, a women’s rights activist, appreciated the move by the From Words to Action (Govmeter) website, and said: “Initiating of the website [From Works To Action] is a good initiative for accountability and transparency in government.”

‘From Words To Action’ website was established by TOLOnews four months ago – which assesses 100 promises of the National Unity Government (NUG). At least 70,000 people have shared their ideas in the website so far.

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