Govt Urged To Strengthen Badakhshan Security


A number of residents and provincial council members of Badakhshan on Friday called on government to boost up security in the province, particularly in Faizabad city.

They said insurgents have extended their activities in the outskirts of Faizabad city, the capital city of the province.

“We have seen an increase in insurgent activities. Security forces have failed to retake Warduj district. Taliban fighters are seen in the outskirts of Faizabad city. The province will fall to the militants if government did not pay attention to this matter,” said Jawed Mujaddidi, member of Badakhshan provincial council.

Meanwhile, Badakhshan residents called on local officials to strengthen the security of Faizabad city.

“Taliban wants to attack the city from different sides. They have destabilized Baharak-Faizabad Highway. They have a huge presence in Espengal village which is located in two kilometers distance from Faizabad.

They [Taliban] have been seen in Dasht-e-Qurugh area near the city, but security forces are silent,” said Ahmad Jahid, a resident of Faizabad city.

Activists in the province meanwhile said the central city will fall to Taliban if government paid no attention to the province.

“Badakhshan is going towards a collapse to militants. Government has no plan on hand. There is no coordination among security forces,” said Basir Wasiq, a civil society activist in Badakhshan.

He added: “Taliban has control over Warduj and Yamgan districts. They have physical presence in nine districts in Badakhshan.”

Despite repeated efforts, Badakhshan police headquarters refused to comment on this report.

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