Gunmen Kill Security Guard, Torch Girls School In Kabul


Unknown gunmen on Sunday torched a girls school and killed the school security guard in PD12, Arzan Qemat area, of Kabul city.

According to local residents the incident occurred early Sunday morning when unknown gunmen killed the security guard at Ahmad Shah Baba girls school before setting the school’s library on fire.

The is the first time a school has been torched in Kabul.

“In the morning when we came to the school the security forces already reached there and the security guard’s body had been burned and for hours remained in the school,” said Aqela Ahmad Shah Baba a school cleaner.

But the incident is a matter of concern for the local residents and the school’s students.

“Early morning when we woke up for prayers, police and fire fighter vehicles were there and when I asked I found out that the school had been torched and the guard killed,” said Amrullah one of the residents.

“I am a student in second year in the school. I don’t want this, they should not set fire to schools – let us study,” said Zaid a student.

This incident has also raised questions as to who might be behind the incident.

“The incident concerns us and we want such incidents to be prevented,” said Mujeeb Mehrdad an Education Ministry spokesman.

“There are persons who are against children’s education, but police will continue investigations and we hope that we can identify the perpetrators and detain them” said MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqqi.

This is not the first time a school has been torched. A number of schools have been burned down in the provinces but it is the first such incident in Kabul.

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