Heavy Clashes Still Ongoing In Helmand's Marja

Helmand ANA

Local officials of southern Helmand province said on Monday that heavy clashes are still ongoing between the security forces and insurgents in Marja district of the province.

Hayatullah Hayat, Provincial Governor said that the security forces are making progress in the battle in the district and added that security forces were able to re-open the route from Marja into Lashkargah the capital of the province.

“In the war with insurgents the road from Marja into Lashkargah has been re-opened from a Taliban blockade. The security forces have also re-taken control of a number of villages in the district and local officials soon will start developing projects in the district,” Hayat said.

He said that insurgents have suffered heavy casualties in the Marja battle.

In the meantime, Provincial Council officials have asked security forces to create a number of check posts on the Marja and Lashkargah highway.

“There is war in the past few months in Marja and the factor of the war is the government’s negligence. Now we are asking the government to use all its efforts for the security of Marja,” head of Provincial Council Attaullah Afghan said.

Barialai Nazari, a member of the Provincial Council also said: “We are asking the security forces to eliminate the insurgents so the people can live in peace over there.”

The Marja battle started eight months ago after hundreds of insurgents attacked security forces and took control of a number of villages.

The capital of the district is still under control of the insurgents, according to officials.

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