Herat Farmers Speak Out About Problems


Famers in Herat said Tuesday that they face numerous challenges and that they have received little support from the government to date.

They have accused government of turning a blind eye to their problems.

“Farmer’s Day has been celebrated for the past few years, however, it does not help farmers. We want government to provide us with improved seed,” said Gholam Sakhi, a Herat farmer.

According to the local farmers, there is no storage facilities for fresh produce in the province, which results in their harvests going off quickly.

“We don’t want the government to give us money, we want it to give us training and give us improved seed to enable us to harvest good products,” said Hafizullah, another farmer.

Meanwhile, the provincial directorate of agriculture, irrigation and livestock said that it has provided $25 million USD’s worth of help to local farmers.

“We gave $25 million USD in assistance to farmers last year. However, it is not enough and we want to address the problems faced by all farmers in the province,” said Faqir Ahmad Bayangar, the provincial director of agriculture, irrigation and livestock.

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