Herat Men Launch Movement In Support Of Women


A group of men from western Herat province on Sunday launched Afghanistan’s first ever movement in support of women in a bid to stop violence against the female population.

The movement known as Men Supporting Women was founded by eighteen male activists to curtail violence against women and promote awareness around the problem.

Scores of religious scholars and civil activists gathered on Sunday in Herat city to announce the launch of the new movement.

One of the criteria in terms of joining the movement is that any male member may not take a second wife.

“When we talk about women rights and violation of women rights, in general the men commit violence, we need to make them aware of women’s rights,” head of AIHRC site office in Balkh, Abdul Qadir Rahimi said.

Women welcomed the move and many at the launch said that in most cases of violence against women, men were behind the incidents.

“One of the fundamental issues in Afghan society is that the men commit violence against women, it is good to have some good examples of men in society,” member of Herat provincial council Sakina Hussaini said.

Highlighting the importance of women in Islamic society, a number of religious scholars said that Islam has rewarded women with major rights, urging those who believe in the teachings of Islam to abstain from committing violent acts against women.

“If we have to move the society toward equality, then there should be mutual respect,” head of Herat women affairs department, Mohboba Jamshidi said.

Meanwhile, Helmand residents have welcomed the launch of the new organization and dozens of men have shown their willingness to join the group and help stop violence against women.


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