Hindus, Sikhs Urge Govt To Address Their Problems At 2nd Day Of Festival


Hindu and Sikh residents in Nangarhar province on Tuesday called on government to address their problems.

Speaking at the second day of 318th Vesak festival Hindu and Sikh residents reiterated the need for proper education for their children and for government to stop powerful figures from usurping their land.

Celebrated with music and dance, Hindu’s and Sikhs hold the festival annually. Non-Hindu guests also participate.

“Vesak Day is a day of happiness for us; this is our Eid day. In this day, we visit others’ houses and greet them,” said Dr Armit Singh, a spokesman for Sikhs Union.

“We are very happy today. Our friends come here as we have invited them,” said a Sikh resident in Nangarhar.

Local officials who attended the event meanwhile said they will soon address their problems.

“The demands of our dear Hindu compatriots – especially in Nangarhar – will be addressed as we have directed relevant organizations,” said Nangarhar governor Salim Khan Kunduzi.

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