Human Rights Violations on Agenda at Brussels Summit


Afghanistan’s human rights violations and violence against women will be key components to the agenda at the Brussels Summit next month.

As the key summit on Afghanistan looms, the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan (AIHRC) and women’s rights protection institutions Thursday raised concerns over what they called rising violence against women in Afghanistan.

Rights groups have reaffirmed the determination to raise the issue at the summit in order to spotlight the main reasons behind the trend.

A 14-member delegation comprising representatives from the Afghan human rights commission, the High Peace Council (HPC) and women’s rights associations will report on the violation of human rights in Afghanistan and the surge in violence against women in the country at the summit.

According to AIHRC, up to 10,000 cases of violence against women in Afghanistan have been recorded this year with the majority of incidents happening in the nation’s remote and volatile regions.

The human rights commission has accused tribal elders of interfering in the affairs of the Afghan legal and judicial institutions.

“In some cases, there are interferences into the jobs of our legal and judicial institutions so that lenient punishments are handed down to perpetrators, at the same time, we also face problems in the structures, in 34 provinces, special tribunals for dealing with violence against women cases are still not operational,” said AIHRC spokesman Rafiullah Bedar.

Meanwhile, women’s rights associations have blasted the Afghan legal and judicial organs for failing to serve justice on those involved in such cases.

“Unfortunately, regarding the issue of violence against women, the national unity government has not made tangible gains over the two years except some policies. Meetings which are held in Afghanistan on women including women’s symposiums and seminars which are held at the hotels, certain people appear as representatives of the women who had the duty over the past twenty years and even an assessment in this respect is not conducted,” said university professor Shahla Fareed.

The statement comes at a time that violence against women in Afghanistan dramatically increased this year with a number of horrific cases of violence including murders and open trails.

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