I Was Sexually Assaulted By Dostum And His Men: Eshchi


Former Jawzjan governor and ex-member of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, Ahmad Eshchi, who was allegedly assaulted by the First Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum last month, claims that he was also sexually assaulted by Dostum and his bodyguards – while in Dostum’s ‘custody’.

Eshchi claims he was in Dostum’s custody for five days and then spent 11 days in a National Directorate of Security (NDS) detention center.

He claimed that Dostum beat him up, threatened to kill him and sexually assaulted him.

“I took Gen. Dostum’s hand and greeted him [at the Buzkashi grounds last month]. From that point, he started abusing me verbally. He told me that he knows what I have done. He told me he knows what my son has done. Who will look for you if I kill you here. I will throw you under the horses and do Buzkashi on you. He called on his bodyguards and told them to grab me and beat me. He [Dostum] lay me on the ground and put his foot on my neck,” Eshchi said in an interview with TOLOnews.

Recounting the details of the assault, Eshchi claimed that first he was beaten by Dostum’s bodyguards and then he was taken to his house. He said it was here that Dostum tried to abuse him sexually.
“You will not believe what I will say. He [Dostum] said first I want to have sex with him [Eshchi]… He [Dostum] ordered his guys to lift me up. Four of them grabbed my legs and two of them grabbed my hands. They rolled up my clothes. They put me up and down and then he [Dostum] said its enough. Three times is enough. Touching him three times is enough for pictures (Dostum said). Then he [Dostum] told his guys to put me down. He said this is enough and whenever needed we will show him the picture. Then he [Dostum] called on [someone named] Sattar and told him that 10 people including you [Sattar] should have sex with him [Eshchi] until his anus ruptures and bleeds.

“He [Dostum] told them to take pictures of his [Eshchi’s] blood and show it to me [Dostum]. He [Dostum] went out of the room and then they [the bodyguards] lay me on the ground. When I was on the ground, my hands were tied up behind my back. They pulled me up and down and my face was hardly touching the ground many times. They did this seven or eight times. At this time, suddenly I felt a heavy pain and I started shouting loudly and that was the time when the muzzle of the Kalashnikov gun was entered the anus and it was ruptured,” he added.

Eshchi has meanwhile called on the president and relevant government and international organizations to defend his rights.

“While Gen. Dostum is the vice president. If he has a reason against me, he should tell [me]. Otherwise he does not have the right to do so. I want justice,” Eshchi stated.

Meanwhile, Dostum’s office said in a statement late on Tuesday that the issue was a plot against Dostum and that a number of institutions have started a conspiracy against him.

The statement said Eshchi was arrested by security forces on charges of involvement in insecurity in Jawzjan.

The statement said there are a number of organizations that want to paint a different picture about what really happened and are making hasty judgments.

Meanwhile, the European Union, Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States have sought a transparent assessment of the issue.

“The international organization should put pressure on the Afghan government. But this has not been done. This is not the first time. We have witnessed such issues in the past,” said Najibullah Azad, head of a human rights institution.

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